Monday, April 04, 2011

What do you see?


  1. Reflection in mirror-still waters and serenity.:)

  2. Reflection tipped on its side.

    Green, green, green . . .

  3. Kay - ha! Yes, I see him/her now, too!

    Ant. C - isn't it interesting how one image yields multiple readings; I wonder whether this might be true of every thing and every situation; everything present and a part of each moment? Everything (t)here all the time - when we sit still and long enough, we meet our startled scotty dog AND our serene, still waters?

    Dinahmow - ah, yes, home! Of course. Of course ; ).

    Left and right, dear Mim. . . and green all the way. L, C xo

  4. I see a moustached and bearded firry/furry masked man listening to sounds of the forest he came from through his firry/furry earphones.

  5. Angella, Marylinn, Jane - a growing portrait! Lovely, thanks ; )
    L, C x