Wednesday, April 13, 2011




  1. distressing.
    the potential is always there; but i don't like to see it realized.
    dear claire.

  2. I think I'm in there. The one sinking toward the end.
    The water gets warmer, the flow returns. Perhaps they are all saying hello to each other and then will be on their way.
    The color, the crystals, the boats themselves, however, are forever beautiful.

  3. Dear C, one feels that way sometimes, eh? More adrift than afloat? Many as too many? Scientists tell us the universe devolves into entropy and chaos. Yet the heart finds its way to order, even meaning. Courage, friend. Amid the turmoil, love abounds. T

  4. My dear friend, things are chaos and pandemonium at the moment. But didn't you tell me those masterfully built little boats settled on the bottom and were not destroyed during storms and eruptions and cataclysms on the surface of an entire continent, your beloved Antarctica? They stayed in one delicate but beautifully made piece and were not smashed up in the roiling of the winds and sea and ice. Hide away for a little while, find an eyrie and be inwardly still. Things will calm. xo

  5. ...and reorganizes itself into order, always. Nature's way, a dynamic equilibrium in constant state of flux and change. Do you see?

    Claire, (((0)))

  6. I actually think this is visually hypnotic and lovely.

    Am I missing something? I can be a bit stupid at times.

    BTW Claire, thanks for the lovely birthday badge for TP. I'm afraid I failed to work out how to transfer it from your email to my blog and gave up in frustration. But I loved it and I'm glad other TP bloggers were more techno-savvy than me.

  7. Dear friends - apologies for my silence and thank you for being here and acknowledging the current Jumble. I suspect it is a state we are all well-acquainted with; life's like this a fair bit at the moment. I made another version of this vid. clip and inserted five (maybe more) different sound tracks into it, each one glorious and worthwhile in its own right, but oh what chaos when they were overlaid, one over the other. . . That piece made this one seem peaceful by comparison.

    I'm afraid I sometimes become quite wordless in the face of the incessant Jumble, esp. when it's all relative, isn't it? Still, Jumble is jumble and when we're feeling tossed about, I - we - have to trust it's okay to say 'eeerugh, but this is how it is right now.'

    Out of chaos comes coherence. We know this and, deep down, trust it.

    Thank you for being there and for standing alongside. Love to you - Susan, Rachel, Timothy, Melissa, Ant. C, Mim, Andrew and Lynn - and to others who have stopped by, dipping toes in these topsy-turvy-for-now waters.

    C xo