Saturday, April 09, 2011


A friend directed me to this YouTube video this morning; I received it as a blessing. How remarkable, this baby bird's trust and the young man's tender, matter-of-fact patience - his patient, matter-of-fact tenderness. Each of these elements brings something to bear on both young man and bird, affects the exchange they are having, influences the moments' unfolding. We witness the ways in which a tiny bird's trust affirms a young man's instinct to nurture which in turn emboldens the bird and facilitates its growth. The young man is calm, unhurried. He pays attention, makes very little fuss. It is not long before the hummingbird takes to the air, discovering what it knew all along; it was born to hover, to feed on the nectar of flowers. It was born to flourish and fly. 

Young man and bird are engaged in a conversation that is at once pragmatic and intimate, prosaic and profound, plain and poetic.

Watch carefully the nature of their exchange. . . Each encounter they have is preceded by eye-to-eye contact. It seems to me they aren't so much looking at each other as looking to each other. Each time they connect in this way, bird and man seem mutually dazzled and fortified. 

Forgive me if I'm anthropomorphizing here, but this endearing double portrait speaks to me of the importance of connecting and of being present to the moment in whichever ways we can. There is so much ache in the world right now. So much ache.  This baby bird had a ragged beginning, but  - oh, see - how the young man's tenderness and nurture ensured it would triumph. We, too, were born to burgeon. Day by day, we practice faithfulness; we turn up and take our place. Standing in the heart - at times a brutal, bloody, bewildering place - we walk both familiar and unexpected landscapes together, hands extended in a gesture of welcome and inclusion, as the young man's are to the hummingbird. 

Love to you all, dear friends - and, dear T., especially to you. You are not alone. We are none of us alone. 
Kia Kaha xo


  1. Renewal on mine, nurture on yours, connected by needing to heal and nurture each other.

    Thank you for sharing this, I will pass it along. There is a lot on this post. Personally, I'm reminded of my own experiences of helping a feathered or furred friend have a chance at life.

    The rational side knows they imprinted, but I'm always amazed at their trust at being handled by a "big giant".:)

  2. It's so uplifting, Claire, the care and attention into this one tiny bird. you can't help but admire this young man and his brave hummingbird. I'd love to know how it all turns out.

  3. Lovely Claire. And thanks for your call. We're all in this together.

  4. all finite things reveal infinitude.
    each encounter between living things reveals life.

    perfect, claire.
    thank you.



  5. We are not in our own hands, if that isn't too awkward a way of stating it, but in the hands of many. If we were all that we required, what need of heart or community or trust? Reading your post, one can see the reasons for wounds and incompleteness, the wisdom behind creating us to accept help from one another. Always the call to step back and reconsider. xo