Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tyr - TP's Birthday Poem

It's finished - TP's First Birthday Poem! 
And what an adventure Tyr's unfolding has been. . . 

Alicia Ponder wrote of the process, 
"So close...watching for the next line is almost like waiting for it to breathe."

one year old you say
this must be celebrated
I shall write haiku

"It was like christmas morning, to run downstairs, click on the link, see where our beautiful poem has ended up. it has taken on life, hasnt it? Thank you so much for this brilliant idea... and the contributions of everyone." xo Susan Landry

"I started from the beginning and read through - line by line, as one does. Each one familiar by now, but different, because part of a bigger thing, leading onwards, ending - who knows where? And then there! - the final lines - and oh, wonderful things, woven with the spit and breath of all the lines gone before, from all over and everywhere, a NZ autumn, a London or Philadelphian spring ... Unbelievable. Thanks everyone." Mary McCallum, TP Curator

To read our birthday poem, please click on the quill. 

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