Monday, April 04, 2011

MoA update vii

Four names were drawn from the MANY AS ONE hat this morning - - - Melissa Green's signed imprint of her first collection of poetry The Squanicook Eclogues will soon be on its way to a Dunedin poet (who I know will be thrilled when she hears her name was drawn with Melissa's) 


Australian artist Lisa Robert's delicately engraved perspex artwork titled Coccoliths: carbon sequesterers has been paired with a Dunedin crime writer, who also happens to have a soft-spot for uni-cellular creatures (why, she even included a foraminiferan in one of her novels?!) 

Thanks all. 

Oh, and do keep an eye on the MANY AS ONE site - - - I'll be posting another rare and collectible new artwork there in the next day or two. . . 


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