Saturday, November 08, 2008

Welcoming change

Much ground has been crossed - literally and metaphorically - in the four days since I last wrote, so it's going to take me a good few days to bring these pages up to date.  

There was, of course, much jubilation in camp on 5th when the US election results came through - how wonderful to hear Barack Obama being welcomed to leadership by our world community. The president-elect demonstrates an attribute my friend Lawson would describe as 'the energy of restraint.' His dignity, eloquence and insightful intelligence are clear evidence that he understands the value of patience. With him comes a sense of hope, faith and restoration. The many - many - things that went so dramatically, alarmingly awry during the Bush administration will now have a chance to heal.    

Today is Saturday 8th and it's our turn - New Zealand's - to take to the polls. I felt a pang of tender-heartedness at the NZ Herald's mention of the fact that by 4.00PM yesterday, 2 979 366 citizens had enrolled to vote; almost 95% of those eligible. Many of us will be holding our breath - there is, as there must be, a mix of anticipation and apprehension pre-results. Our process and outcome is not a straight-forward one, either, but people's proactivity when it comes to voting is in itself to be celebrated. 
4 hours, 3 minutes and 31 seconds till voting closes... 

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