Friday, November 21, 2008

Science, Art & ArtScience II

For some reason, the Science, Art & ArtScience ditty I wrote and posted yesterday, jumped backwards and ended up a couple of entries behind where I'd intended it to appear. If you're interested in reading about our group's Science objectives, an outline can be found two posts back. 

My next entry will shed more light on the Art and ArtScience projects I/we have been working on over the past few weeks. Cecil and I are about to tend Henry, Steve and Sam as they do a dive combining scallop collecting & core sampling with the filming of a quiet, spatially ambiguous, dreamlike sequence for me. This follows on from a dress rehearsal we did two days ago, in which my flotilla of silver-and-white paper boats were taken under the ice for the first time. 

More soon - 


  1. Science, Art and Art/Science when and how do they meet?
    Sitting here in the Blue Mountains waiting for summer!!! With cold blasts from Antarctica taking the weather with it. Claire is traveling in the wind. This amazing connection established in Christchurch in September travels all the way from Antarctica.

    I am attempting to make sense of my thesis but procrastination is the order of the day. The Ice Lines Blog is still relevant research but definitely takes you away from the task at hand. (Like Lisa's wonderful animations.)My current research is looking at aspects of the Art/Science continuum for my PhD and here up it pops up again in a real world situation. There seems to be continuing debate as to its worth for either partner but here we see evidence of events that do not question its validity. The project uses the Nike Philosophy, "Just do it!"
    For those interested in the debate there was also a small segment presented on the(wonderful) ABC Science last Saturday. I have followed up this information by tracking down a relevant issue of "Nature" Magazine - 2005, No.434, 19th May, pages 293 -> 320. A fascinating group of articles articulating the art/science debate with the utmost authority and comprehension.(Although to get the full texts you need to be logged into its account either through a relevant library or purchasing the rights.)

    Claire you continue to cover much territory and not just the geographic!!! A wonderful blog!

  2. Hi Peter - it's always wonderful to find your comments! Thank you. We could - and will - engage in some interesting discussions on the ArtScience debate. It's been a lively topic down here these past weeks, that's for sure. I cannot see Art and Science as disparate - they're different from each other, yes, but in ways that enhance, not divide. I see them as part of one broad and enticingly complex continuum; mobius-strip-like in form and intention. There's so much ground I'd love to cover on this blog, but time is so often short... let's pick up the conversation again during the summer holidays?

    How is your 'in-fridge' ice-recording going? I will share some amazing sounds of pressure ridges 'breathing' when I get back to NZ and a stronger internet connection.

    Good luck with your research - I'd love to read some of it some time?

    Looking forward to hearing Catherine's radio play soon, too.

    Take care - C