Saturday, November 01, 2008

Moving images

I've finally worked out how to upload video clips directly to this site - hooray. MP3s remain elusive, however. With patience, I'm sure we'll work out a way to get those onto this site, too. It's really important there's a sound-related dimension to this site... soon, I hope. These first few movie clips are very short - test files, really. Once our work 'proper' begins and I have more of this high-tech web-related stuff buttoned up, I'll be posting video and audio files that I hope will engage you in some satisfying and unusual listening. For now, by way of an introduction to our camp environment, the sound of last night's flags...


  1. Hello dear Kay - lovely to know you're popping in to this site, thank you! I've been visiting yours, too, and now that I know how to add links, will add your blog to my little 'blogs I follow' list today... sending you love from this chilly and oh-so-stunning place. C X