Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wed nes day

(It still is in the Northern Hemisphere. . .) 

Like so many of you, I have felt stunned into silence - wordlessness - lately. I've not been able to find words - 'right' words, 'relevant' words, 'resonant' words. Thankfully, one of the gifts of living in community is that sooner or later, some amongst find a way to articulate in writing what the rest of us are feeling but cannot yet speak. Antares Cryptos & Angella - thank you. And last night, Penelope - whose blog The Intertidal Zone will be known to many of you - found her voice (and, by proxy, ours?) and penned Dawn breaks - - - 

"Venus hangs fat and gold. The old ring-barked sycamore gleams white under a pale blue sky. Leaves fidget in the first breeze. I sit on a cushion and light a candle in the window where a fine-limbed spider makes delicate purchase, trying to climb the glass. The garden, the spider and the star are reassuring, each in its own way, steadfastly doing what its species does: living and dying, web-making, burning bright.

Reassuring because I feel increasingly uncertain what’s required of me on a planet that’s quivering with its own potency and undermining centuries-old assumptions about our place upon it. . ." 

To continue reading Penelope's thoughtful reflection, click here.


Last night, two sets of names & artworks were drawn in our MANY AS ONE Christchurch appeal - All Directions Lead Home by Kate Alterio will soon be on its way to a writer/ reader in South Portland, Main and my small ink drawing Many Islands has been matched to a reader in La Jolla, San Diego.  Warmest thanks, all. 



  1. Yes, thank you, Penelope. It was serene and beautiful and poignant, and just the kind of meditation that could ease the heart--for a moment at least.xo

  2. Claire, hope and science was all I could articulate. ((((o))))

  3. Claire, thank you for sharing this. The world is shifting profoundly.

  4. When the task has no identifiable form, no quantifiable outcome, I think we question its worth. Becoming vessels of love and hope when we have no answers seems more the work of gods or angels. Yet that is all I know how to bring to this moment, and the next. I trust it is enough. xo