Friday, March 11, 2011

A day's play

In amongst life's muddle, uncertainty and fray, this ever-so-welcome day clambering and cavorting with my barefoot trio. . . It could be years till the next time we're able to do this - so, yes, this small window of time away from it all was a very great gift. . . 
Cathedral Caves & coastline
Lake Wilkie forest walk
McLeans Falls
Tautuku Confidence Course & estuary boardwalk.


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MANY AS ONE Artwork for Christchurch page.
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  1. oh claire...what an amazing place....

  2. I backtracked here after I read about the Japanese tsunami and earthquake and it lifts my spirits. What a joyous day. What a stunning place. What wonderful people, your trio.

  3. such an exquisite break in the proceedings. i am glad you and your trio were able to do this. i know what it means, which is everything. this is truly what it is all about. love.

  4. beautiful, beautiful. It looks like heaven.