Sunday, March 06, 2011

Many as One ii

There will be a second draw for the Christchurch earthquake fund this week, a project that's more-or-less taking shape as we go along. . . 

Please click on the MANY AS ONE tab on the top bar of this page - you will find a growing 'stockroom' of drawings, miniature paintings, hand-crafted jewelry and art objects that will be looking for homes over the coming weeks. In time, the collection will hopefully grow to include items with initials other than CB on them (variety is a spice of life).

This week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Sydney-based multi-media artist,  Lisa Roberts. Lisa has generously donated her hand-engraved perspex piece titled  Coccoliths, carbon sequesters to this Christchurch fund; she lived in the city some years ago and has retained strong connections to New Zealand. 

Coccoliths, carbon sequesters - Lisa Roberts (Australia)
Engraved Perspex, 120mm x 65mm

Lisa and I have a number of things in common, amongst these a passion for Antarctica and a peculiar fondness for tiny wee sea creatures. (One day, a poem will take shape in which the words coccolithophor and foraminifera vie for supremacy in the same stanza.). For a rare glimpse into the balletic antics of krill and the intricacies of krill sex, click here and be entranced by Lisa's exquisitely lyrical - and scientifically accurate - animated drawings. 

re; MANY AS ONE, I've been wondering about how best to proceed from here. 

Here's the plan. . . Each artwork will be given a number. At the end of each week, these numbers (written onto black paper) will be placed in the hat along with the names of  donators to the fund (written on white). A friend will draw one of each colour to determine that week's 'match'. (To reiterate what I said in last Monday's post. . . no contribution to this fund could be considered too small. Everyone who donates (button to the right ---- >>>) stands an equal chance of having their name pulled from the hat each week.) The intention is to keep this draw running at least till the end of April, at which point I'll be heading North West for a couple of weeks (more about this sweet development later ; )). . . 

Meantime, here is one of the small ink drawings currently in the 'stockroom' (the details of which can be found here) -


Thanks again +++ Lisa - and to all of you for being a part of this. 


  1. This is a magnificent idea. You are so generous, Claire.

  2. An interesting piece, I like the depth it has.

  3. Claire, I saw my first jelly of the year yesterday. Clear and the size of a saucer. It made me think of you.

  4. Hi ELisabeth - as artists & writers, we are fortunate to have tangible wares we can pass on, trade or exchange. . . thanks.

    Steve - Lisa's piece is beautiful, isn't it; the depth's just right as it allows the coccoliths to float within their transparent environment.

    Ah, Rebecca - your jellies are back! Cheers and arm waves from here - thanks for thinking of me ; ). Love, Claire

  5. It is a beautiful piece. Good wishes as M.A.O. moves into week ii. xo