Monday, March 28, 2011


I was a few steps behind myself for most of last week - and late with the latest MANY AS ONE announcement. . .  apologies. Four names were drawn  as usual, so we have two happy pairings. 

Rob West's collograph Forest will be going to a Dunedin family and Kari Morseth's Silkworm Ring was drawn by an Otago peninsula artist. Congrats and thanks to all. 

I've reformatted the MANY AS ONE page - hopefully it will hold its shape/behave better this time.  New works are being regularly listed, the most recent being a pair of books by Dunedin writer Maxine Alterio and a compelling black and white photograph titled Muses by Timothy Cahill. I will post more on Muses tomorrow. 


Oh - whoop, pang - this evening Tomas flies to Northern climes to embark on Life's next big adventure. He will make his way from Heathrow to London tomorrow, then catch a train to Kent where my parents will be at the station to welcome him. Meantime, those of us seeing him off at Dunedin's endearingly rural International airport (you can catch the whiff of fertile earth from 30 000 ft, have your breath taken away by the snow-capped Southern Alps, our brooding harbour and volcanic peninsula; wave at cows, sheep and tractors as you fly in or out?). . . those of us seeing Tomas off will have our hearts in silk hammocks.  

At times like these, we must become what my writer friend Emma Neale refers to as Iron Marshmallows. 

That's all for now. . . I'm off to light a grove of candles and cook up nutty, cinnamon-y oats for my daughter and I for breakfast.  Love, IM xo 

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