Monday, February 28, 2011

Many as One - i

Paper poem
Sketchbook drawing
Ink, graphite & chinagraph pencil on paper 

Those of us living within-reach-but-at-a-distance from loved ones in Christchurch are feeling oddly disoriented and at a loss re; what we can do to make a difference. Penelope and others have found words when I have found them difficult. (For non-New Zealanders, Dunedin - the harbour town in which I live - is four and a half hours South of Christchurch; Christchurch is considered by many to be our country's 'heart centre'.). 

If you would like to contribute to the Christchurch earthquake fund, please consider making a donation - no amount too small - for the drawing posted here? (You will find a new Donate button in the side bar to the right of this post.) My intention is to post a new drawing each Monday for the foreseeable future (these will be smallish - sketchbook size - for easy mailing); at the end of each week, all donators' names will go into a hat and a friend will be asked to draw one out. The person whose name is pulled out of the hat will receive the matted* drawing. Proceeds will be transferred directly into Christchurch's Mayoral Fund to assist the community there.

Please note - a one-off donation ensures donators' names go into the hat each week. (i.e The chance of your name being drawn remains in place for as many weeks as this initiative is active.)

Please pass the word on, and if you have anything - an artwork, book of poems, etc. . . - that you would like to put forward for this appeal, please email me on Contributions can be 'sent' to me in virtual form and will be progressively listed on the new MANY AS ONE - Earthquake relief page (you'll find the Tab button at the top of the blog, just below the title.). 

The wider we cast our net, the better. . . Many thanks.


This, too, from Penelope Todd: "Rosa Mira Books and Utah author Dorothee Kocks have agreed that all proceeds from sales of The Glass Harmonica: A Sensualist's Tale from now until 7th of March will go to the Christchurch Mayor's fund, donating to those in need there. This is a straightforward way to give US$11.00 — by going to Rosa Mira Books and following the buying process."

Kia kaha forever strong. 

* The Artist's Room gallery in Dunedin has generously offered to contribute the matts (incl. materials & cutting service) for these drawings - thank you +++, Michelle & Cath ; ) 


  1. Dear Claire, once again you are showing us the way. You've given us a template for donating, those of us who have things to raffle or sell or give away, and Pen's generous donation of the proceeds from The Glass Harmonica is a terrific idea--maybe people in our community and those of our faithful readers who are also artists or poets can find a way to do what you did on your blog--I'm scratching my head to think of how I can do my share from here. Bless you. xo Melissa

  2. Wish I had something besides wishes and prayers to send you but I don't. Good luck.

  3. A very warm thought.I imagine by this time everyone is at wits end and worn out from trying to get back on their feet.

  4. Dear Melissa - thank you for linking in with this intention (for 'intention' is all it is until it begins to do its work?)... It is so hard to know how to be of practical assistance, especially over distance. But aside from anything practical, we know the immense power of simply being present. Quiet gestures of mindfulness, loving thoughts and candle light are not to be underestimated? Much love - and thanks, M - Claire xo

  5. Thank you for giving us a way to contribute to what must be so far beyond overwhelming. Again, I am so grateful to be part of this community in which love and art have come to mean the same thing. xo

  6. Dear John - as I have just written to Melissa. . . your being there with empathy is a pillar of enormous value and strength. So much resides in - and is borne along via - the unseen gesture. It is enough just to know you are there. Thank you. Love, Claire

  7. Hi Steve - what you say is true. Deep weariness sets in some days after the initial shock. People have lived through significant trauma; the ongoing stress, fear and disruption of these post-quake days will be profoundly challenging and will call for hard-to-imagine tenacity. Thanks for linking in with the people of Christchurch, Steve.

  8. Marylinn - the gratitude is mutual; community, all-important. xo