Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conceal - Reveal

Kate Alterion - The Divide

2011, Chinagraph, ink on paper, sand-blasted glass, brass & steel rivets & lacquered custom wood, 560 x 340mm

I'm away to Christchurch this morning (will be gone for a couple of days) to attend the opening of my friend Kate Alterio's exhibition, Conceal - Reveal. You can view this elegant, pared-back, peaceful show on Kate's website here - and on The Arthouse gallery website. Kate will be sharing the cathedral-like space with sculptor, Tim Main. "Tim Main continues to explore the underlying patterns of the natural world with his latest series, The Vines. Like the traditional art of Japanese screen painting, these works float in a flattened perspective, with the character of each plant beautifully expressed through lightly stylised realism. The elegance and ease of these sculptural forms belies the many painstaking hours of creation. With highly skilled craftsmanship, Main blends ceramic and wood seamlessly together into sculptures that give utmost expression to the forms of nature."

Kate is the gifted and dedicated young Wellington artist who comes down to the South Island every so often to make work in my studio. Accompanying her on this new chapter of her creative journey has been a joy.   

Kate Alterio - Into the Unknown

2011, Ink on paper, sand-blasted glass, brass & steel rivets & lacquered custom wood, 450mm diameter

"In her series, Conceal - Reveal, Kate Alterio uses her well-established skills as a jewellery/object-maker as a springboard into exciting new territory. Alterio has long been interested in notions of revelation and concealment; in this new body of work (ink on paper with sand-blasted glass, brass-and-steel rivets and lacquered custom wood) she makes deliberate reference to earlier collections crafted in precious metals. The combination of solid and transparent materials alludes to the relationship between our physical and spiritual worlds, providing Alterio with a material context within which to explore different states of being and ways of seeing. In our journey through life, we are continually engaged in a process of opening and closing doors, of revealing and concealing. We live with many more questions than answers. Mystery waits behind each door, around every corner. Do we ever catch more than a small glimpse of the endlessly mysterious whole?"

Opening 5:30pm Wed 16 February 2011

All welcome 
(Christchurch bloggers. . . Helen, Catherine -  any chance you might be able to come? xo)


  1. I would love to, but unfortunately can't make it - between work all day, and a prior commitment tonight, my day is just too crammed full

  2. Thanks for answering my oddly-cobbled invite to you, Catherine. A pity to miss you, but we will meet one day! The exhibition will be on for three weeks, so you may yet find your way there. It's beautiful, uplifting work - Kate's and Tim's. I think you'd find lots there to transport and inspire you. L, C

  3. Love the porthole image there - all sounds intriguing with emphasis on the in - makes me wish I could Alice myself there.

  4. Hi Rachel - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could 'Alice ourselves' places? I reckon one day, not too far away, we'll be able to that. he circular work - the porthole (or portal) - is beautiful; probably my favourite on the show, found its home at the opening, which was great for Kate. L, C