Monday, September 24, 2012


(what it feels like is LIFT-OFF. A long outward breath.  Aaaah.  RELEASE. And YES.) 
Charcoal & Pastel on Paper - CB


  1. It does feel like lift-off, in the process of moving out of the frame, on to the next destination. A place to become lost, in a good way, or absorbed. xo

  2. Beautiful. I see paradigm shifts and diatoms in everything of late.
    I am sure it means something.
    Hello ;)

  3. Becoming lost in a good way, or absorbed, sounds like a place of light and potential - thanks, Marylinn. Your image brings to mind lines from an old poem 'Where she comes from, there is always the possibility of a dance around the next corner. . . " xo

  4. Ant! Hello. How excellent to find you here - you have been missed.

    I'm also seeing paradigm shifts and diatoms in everything these days. Questions, too - endlessly beautiful, mystifying questions. It must mean something. 'Let our pencils be our torches, lighting the way. . . '

    Hooray, you're back!

    1. Hooray, you're posting every day and I'll never catch up.;)

      Went off the grid and the pencils did indeed light the way. As well as the new journal. And the new markers. Maybe a fountain pen....