Sunday, September 30, 2012


                           DAYLIGHT SAVING
                                               - for Pam

                                   I do the dutiful thing and turn my clocks
                                   forward - or back - but then I conjure
                                   an extra twelve minutes, nudge them in
                                   to fatten the middle of the hour
                                   giving myself a little extra
                                   Time to play with.

                                   I am rebel. Thief.

                                   A friend and I agree that Time
                                   and second hands should be tied
                                   behind the backs of doors, banished
                                   bound with flat faces pressed
                                   to the corner. We flip Time around
                                   our wrists, make it lie down. 

                                   I tell her I once knew a clock 
                                   with eyes instead of hands. 
                                   It kept watch from a clean white mantlepiece 
                                   in a honey-coloured room.

                                   We listen for chimes outside
                                   the window and when the wind blows
                                   in the right direction, hear Time trip
                                   down the cathedral steps and take
                                   to the streets.

                                   I am tempted to wave as it passes.

                                   CB 2002


  1. That time again! It's come too soon.


    1. It does seem to come around awfully fast, doesn't it, Mim?

      Your turn next. . . Forward we go, back you do. Back you go, forward we do. . .

      We live inside a circle.

      Love, Claire xo

  2. A lovely and recognizable summation of time, which I believe may be more myth than reality until I examine the accounting sheets and see it is no longer when it once was. Still, I resist its tyranny. xo

  3. Dear Marylinn

    I first read 'myrrh' where you had written 'myth'. This seems to be happening a fair bit at the moment. . . why, just a day or two ago, I read 'Eeyore' instead of 'Eye-sore'. The world is getting curiouser and curiouser!

    Time = myth = myrrh. I like that, don't you? (And yes, we do well to resist its tyranny, for despite its illusory quality, it does make a considerable dent in things, doesn't it?).