Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Poem - How Poetry Comes To Me by Gary Snyder

                                    How Poetry Comes to Me

                                    It comes blundering over the
                             Boulders at night, it stays
                             Frightened outside the
                             Range of my campfire
                             I go to meet it at the
                             Edge of the light

                                    Gary Snyder

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This week's editor is Helen Rickerby with a compelling sequence of poems by fellow Tuesday Poet, Helen Heath.  Helen H's debut collection Graft was recently published by Victoria University Press. and with its exploration of scientific concepts is one I particularly look forward to laying my hands on.   

And, to follow on from last week's post - Ruben Mowszowski's Karoo Moon - you might enjoy an article he wrote on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), published in the Cape Times this past weekend.


  1. And sometimes it comes leaping over the boulders, uninvited.


  2. Lovely. A small but weighty poem. Thanks!

  3. I meet this there sometimes too, but other times it yanks my arm.