Saturday, November 20, 2010

When in doubt

. . . add another boat or ten to the flotilla

(I think I have just about enough now to create my wall poem)


  1. They look magnificent all together like that! A floating armada

  2. Thank you, Marylinn & Rachel - they'll be mounted in such a way that they they start hull up and gradually tip till they're drifting upside down (since this is what happens in reality - they invert, capture a bubble of air and use that to drift upwards towards the ice ceiling). Am also thinking they want to be configured as a large mandala - the film would then activate the 'iris of the eye'. Today is my day for drawing up various 'compositional maps' and working out practical logistics relating to the mounting process. The magnets aren't going to do the trick, so I will have to come up with another alternative.

    I hope you (pl) are enjoying a gentle weekend.

    Love, Claire xo