Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phuque II

Therese - known to many of us T., T.Clear or Premium T - posted a link in my comments box while I was out this afternoon (I do, on the very odd occasion, leave my home and brave town to do chores; PO, bank, supermarket, ink cartridge place (they didn't have the cyan I needed today, of course. . . and my printer spits the dummy and refuses to print when just one of its cartridges is low on ink. . . talk about temperamental.). 

Anyway,  I've just got home, poured a glass of wine (yes, it's early, but it feels late), unpacked my bits and pieces and opened up my computer. T's video link is just the ticket. The narrator, with his beautifully refined voice - almost as gravelly and gorgeous as Garrison Keillor's - makes it all the more entertaining. Thanks, T ; ) 




  1. Hah. I played the Monty Python as whipped cream on the sundae.

  2. This was really fun - it came at the end of a gruelling day with some very difficult students. Absolutely f.......d
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Claire! I should add that my younger son, at the 'tender' age of 17, showed it to me, and I just about fell off my chair laughing.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. T., I think our sons would get on famously! ; ) x

  5. Hi Marylinn - Monty Python as whipped cream on the sundae eh? I will have to go back (which won't be hard)!

    Kathleen, I know you feel. I don't have gruelling students (I've synthesized your day and your students here; apologies, students!) but there are plenty of other things placing demands. Saying the F-word def. helps ; )

    We all thank T and her sons ; )