Wednesday, September 01, 2010

After a long sleep

Lucy's Peony paintbrushes


Angel(a)'s eyelashes - I mean, Hellebore stamens

Soft-hearted succulents shaped to break a raindrop's fall


  1. Nature has so much to recommend in her practical beauty. Thanks.

  2. you know i love these pix, Miz Claire!

  3. Nature does, Elisabeth - there's no better model. Thanks, as ever, C ; )

  4. Hi Susan - I want to say 'I'm loving your Twisted Knickers' (I am!) but must quickly qualify that statement ; ) Your eagle feather is amazing - ambiguous, too. It speaks of many other things; wings and flight and falling, leaves and combs and air and earth. as do the mushrooms. The Artful Amoeba has some gorgeous articles about mushrooms if you dig back through Jennifer's archives. I'll see you in your home domain in just a wee while (have to take my car to the mechanic this morning... nuts and bolts stuff!)
    L, C

  5. Ah, Maggie - yes! Like artichoke. They're everywhere!
    I like their reminder of hands on hearts.
    L, C

  6. A delight! Witty too--those "lashes."

  7. Ah, Mim dear - you're back! How wonderful - welcome home to the fold. We've missed you. Looking forward very much to hearing about your August, your weeks away, your writing...
    Yes, I'm smiling.
    Love, Claire

  8. These are wonderful natural structures, and words made in response!

    This morning (before rising) I read:

    '... the current thirst for wonders, mysteries, secret knowledge represents, I think, a desire to counter global technological information with personal fantasy.' (Marina Warner, 'The Structure of the Imagination', in 'Structure in Art and Science' 2000, Pub. Cambridge University Press. p. 190)

    But is our focus now really 'either/or' (fantasy or fact)? Perhaps for some. But in your work (and in other 'climate change' art) I see a synthesis happening between expressions of personal connection (subjective) and scientific information (objective).

    Our sense of place is expanding, thanks to people who share knowledge.

    These wonderful images and their captions help me to further connect to the Earth as a Living Whole.

    Thanks Claire!

  9. Lisa, dear Lisa - I can hear your voice, it reaches all the way from Sydney to Dunedin! Thank you for coming and for your inspiring thoughts... Warner's quote gets one's brain cogs turning! You know me, I'm resistant to 'either/or' arguments... I know you are, too. Thinking in terms of dichotomy is a trap, I think. It does nothing but place limitations on the possibilities that are 'out there', 'in here' and 'elsewhere'... I tend towards thinking we need to draw the ends of what's perceived to be a linear continuum around till they touch and form a circle. Circles are inclusive, expansive, global, burgeoning, infinite - all those glorious things!

    Every so often I catch myself lamenting the fact things aren't 'going in a straight line' but I'm learning (I think!) to see that as a goooood thing. How often does it happen that magic happens, or good is ultimately yielded, precisely because of the circuitous route? Of course this isn't always so, but if quite often is?!

    A big YES to bringing fantasy and rationality into passionate conversation! YES to art and science linking arms as they were always intended to (they're like twins separated at birth?), YES to synthesis!

    Gosh we're going to have a grand time working together next year... (and I'm going to have put a limit on my exclamation marks.... see... I caaaan do it.)

    L, C xx

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