Thursday, September 16, 2010

Respite time

Signage on an old door - Dunedin's industrial precinct, 2010

This isn't the image I'd intended to post this evening, but each time I look at this photograph, I appreciate it again for the metaphors it contains. I especially love the way the glass on this sign (whose sole task it  is to shield the printed instruction - ALL ENQUIRIES TO OFFICE - from the elements) has not only invited the weather in but taken the opportunity to use our local dirt and rain as drawing materials. Instead of looking past a boring old notice, we find ourselves being invited to peer into a mysterious - and daily evolving - landscape. 


I'm going to be away from home for a wee while (a few days, a week; possibly longer - am not yet sure. Much will depend on the 'weather'.). I'm thinking of leaving my computer behind (a big challenge for me).

Be safe. Play plenty. Let's all rest at least as much as we work each day and laugh more than we cry. We all seem to be saying a similar thing - challenging times, these. The presence of grit and rain suggests a new landscape-in-the-making. We do what we must; enter and walk, one day at at time. . . xo 


PS. I recently started putting together a new blog as an adjunct to my October exhibition. The title of the show is the blog address - Both blog and exhibition are still very much 'works in progress' but I invite you to have a look-see at what's there so far. Thanks. Back soon - C. 


  1. All thanks to you, Claire. I'm with you on chance beauty and work and play. Have these on on your time away.

  2. Happy journey, Claire. I too am taking next week off and spending it by the river. NO computer, no phone. Just me and the water and my family and I feel like there may be answers there I'm looking for - answers in me that I need to drift out and watch bobbing in the current and out and away.
    I love the sign. It looks like to ocean and looks like the beautiful things you are drawn to.

  3. Don't take the computer, it's so releasing. Fly... make new landscapes... have fun. Shall I put you 'on sabbatical' on Tuesday Poem? (-:

  4. Thanks Mim, Rachel and Mary. We - Nan & I - will be heading off soon. We're looking for answers, too - or perhaps, we're looking for a way to put a clearer shape to our questions. Have a rich week away, Rachel - may the water, the quiet and your family be balm.

    'Chance beauty' - I love that, Mim. Thank you.

    And Mary, I'm not sure about sabbatical, but thanks for thinking of it. I'd like still to post a poem on Tuesday but if nothing appears by midday, can that be my indication I'm still 'away' even if it's just in my head! Thanks ++. L, C x

  5. Wonderful........a zen like visual poem, full of layers. Thanks for sharing, letting a stranger wander in to that moment. And great good wishes for your upcoming show.

  6. Hi Lauren - welcome! Lovely that you 'wandered' in here... I've just visited your blogs and am captivated by your Spider Woman work... Years ago, my sister gave me a collection of Hopi Indian stories, the central one of which was the Spider Woman myth. I've been fascinated by it ever since so was delighted to discover your sites. Thank you! And please, come again...