Monday, September 06, 2010

All thoughts turned

It's wild and storming outside. I should be asleep.

All thoughts are turned to the community in Christchurch.

The writing desk in my bedroom faces due East. The sun comes up over Harbour Cone, a distinctive, breast-shaped mountain that was once a volcano. I took this photograph in the early hours of yesterday morning, not long after the tremors and before the day 'proper' had begun.  

People are connecting up to facilitate the recovery process and are otherwise keeping watch; there's a sense of an ongoing vigil.

Kindle a flame to lighten the dark and keep all fears away - John L. Bell & Graham Maule for the Iona Community, Scotland


  1. Claire, We've seen images and, so far, the report of no fatalities, which is remarkable for he magnitude. A civilized country with laws and codes to protect its citizens will be restored. In the meantime, adding candles for the healing process. I hope all you know are okay. xoxo

  2. Following this carefully, Claire. After having lived through the Nisqually quake which was 7 and deep I feel this sense of shakiness clearly. And the world never feels solid ever after. Candles lit and prayers sent in the beaks of crows.

  3. There's always so much unknown beyond blue mountains, especially in the early morning. I'm glad what you know is safe and the candle is lit.
    How strange it is to feel literally the ground shaking beneath us. We all feel it so much figuratively. I wonder what she is trying to tell us in such times?

  4. Marylinn, Rebecca & Rachel, what a wise and gracious trio you are. I am feeling wordless at the moment, and full of them, too. Not sure what to say save Thank You. When I find my tongue, I will write more... meantime, I trust you know how very much I - we - appreciate your presence. xxx

  5. It is amazing how fragile our hold on life is.This amazing Mother earth which nutures us also has sliding plates and molten lavas which can erupt without notice.we must be so grateful for what wedo have.

  6. Hi Richard - yes, life is both immensely robust and immensely fragile. The quake has been sobering indeed. Each day is precious. And yes, grace and tenderness, sliding plates and tremors reside in each of us, as well as in the earth. In so many ways, we and she are one and the same? Take care, Richard. Be well.

  7. Thank you, Mim, for your actual candles.
    There were more quakes in Chch last night - 5.1 or 2 on the Richter Scale. People are deeply fatigued, living in a state of high alert and uncertainty. The wind's dropped there today, mercifully. It's all very unreal. I was relieved to hear Hurricane Earl took himself off elsewhere and then dissipated. Phew. All these disturbances...
    Love to you, Claire