Friday, February 26, 2010

Sea butterfly

Clione antarctica

She lights up

the dark is all


and grace.



in flight

she trusts

the wisdom

of tides

rides lightly

on every moment.

(Introducing the pteropod. She's tiny. Unselfconscious. A flame-orange dancer.)

I'm heading away for a couple of days/a week - not sure yet how long I'll be gone. Up the coast to Waikouaiti, then on to Naseby and possibly North West from there. 'Tis time for a little rest, flight and floating.

These are interesting days with interesting ways.

Be well. Take care.

PS. How curious is this? I came across this painting made by my daughter Alisaundre when she was about five. We'd been to a theatre performance; hence the dark 'stage' and backs of heads. (My hair was waist-length at the time - you can tell I'd had one of those 'wavy, hippy' perms... )

Of course she would never have intended this but I can't help myself (and am sure she won't mind)... Every time I look at her little airborne angel, I see a pteropod... Bless her. Bless them both. x


  1. Delicate, gorgeous, almost palpable.

    Enjoy your break.

    Your daughter has such a sense of form.

  2. Oh it's an angel. I believe I believe I believe.

    wv: parti

    Ha! See?

  3. What an extraordinarily talented five year old. And perhaps it was a foretelling of her mother’s journey to Antarctica - angel fish afloat. Loved the hair too!

    Hope Naseby does its magic.

  4. Dear Mim, T.Clear

    She is beautiful, isn't she? One of our research divers invited her to 'dance' - it's hard to believe he's our size, and she's all of a centimetre in length. They bring a tear to my eye, I must admit... nature & humankind in tender embrace. Which is, after all, as it should be?

    L, C xx

  5. Radish - this little angel puts me in touch with 'belief' too... and we need that, don't we? L, C x

  6. lmrb - NAseby worked its magic, yes (and thank you!). I imagined I'd spend a week up there, but an unanticipated 'cat' call drew me back home. I find myself having to adjust to the company of a feline after several years without. He's twelve; young enough to behave like a kitten from time to time, but old enough not to be a threat to my precious birds. His name is Sage. Like the herb. Like the wise man. Like the endearing little tabby he is.

    re; my daughter and Antarctica... well, yes. Sometimes we (and those near & dear to us) are able to preempt things without knowing it. How often this proves to be the case?

    Any movement on the lmrb blogging front? ; )

  7. My life is completely topsy turvy at the moment (not a bloke driven topsy turvy crisis, more a 50+ crisis). I'm putting together a list of fave writers, movies, etc to reveal more of moi - I get turnecd on by psychoanlytic theory, phenomenology, cooking, day dreaming, etc. Now, there's a start!

    And need I say it, Jung and synchronicity are on the list(Jean Shinoda Bolen's Tao of Psychology is Naseby magic).

  8. lmrb - you, too?! I am topsy-turvy as never before. (Perhaps also something to do with being on the edge of 50, despite saying I'm sooooo not affected by the age/number reality. There's definitely some psychic disturbance going on. It will settle, that we know too.'

    This weekend past, friend Pam (of Cadence) introduced Pen and I to a must-read book titled 'A Path with Heart - A guide through the perils and promises of spiritual life' by Buddhist monk Jack Kornfield.

    I need nourishment of this sort at the moment -perhaps you'd enjoy this book, too? (Pam is a v discerning psychotherapist).

    Looking forward to seeing your lists of faves... When life's a roller-coaster, it helps to keep ones seatbelt on. Hang in there. You're not alone. L, C x