Monday, February 15, 2010

Bamboo boats


All one


  1. I wish I was as serene as these little boats are, Mim! When the world is whirring, it helps to spend time in their company. This flotilla is the 'cast' in a short film I'm making...

    Thanks for popping in from your South Beach home. L, C.

  2. One email.
    Many emails.

    All your "emails" are exactly as Mim described - serene.

    Thought you might like a squizz at this blog - Fifi is an artist based in Sydney, part-time uni art lecturer, mother, part fish. She's your cuppa tea I think.

  3. So still, so perfect, despite (or because of) their journey to the ends of the earth, I'm looking forward a whole lot to seeing your film. P x

  4. Lovely. I keep coming back to see them. A candle flotilla. A regatta in jammies.

  5. lmrb - thanks +++ for pointing the way to Fifi's blog. What a treat. She really is part-fish, isn't she? (Fish see and hear things in their 'hidden depths' that we terra-based creatures can only dream about.) I will visit her site often.

    Sending good thoughts across the sea - L, C

  6. Dear PamelaMM - thank you. Any time you're ready to watch it, the film's ready to share. I almost can't believe it's happened. It seems we are sometimes asked to be every bit as fluid and tidal as the sea...

    'The sea is the land's edge also', wrote Seamus Heaney. Not sure why that line's come to mind, but it has. Perhaps it says something about the necessity for us to stay open to being solid and liquid at the same time?

    Looking forward to walking the larch forests with you and Pen this weekend... L, C x

  7. Oh, Radish - you are a delight!

    A candle flotilla.
    A regatta in jammies.

    Thank you for coming back to visit these little bamboo curves. They're boats, yes. But as you suggest, they're something else as well. Wow. And thank you!

    L, C x