Saturday, November 07, 2009


The Environment Court has declined consent for the proposed $2-billion wind farm in Central Otago's Lammermoor Range. 

This is thrilling news. All thanks to those zealous and faithful folk who have motivated, advocated, protested, pleaded on behalf of this majestic landscape. Noble custodians of the land you be.   

For further reading, visit Kay McKenzie-Cooke's blog (where she's posted two marvelous poems that speak directly to this subject) and here are links to articles in today's ODT and NZ Herald.  


from Nothing to do with you
by Kay McKenzie-Cooke

For a cup of coffee,
you would strike the heart

with an axe, mine stone
for its marrow.

what rolls on into sky. Screw

metal poles into quiet land,
warp and crush

its offer
of light and air.


...and, from our ODT - "After weighing all the relevant matters . . . we judge that the Meridian project is inappropriate in the outstanding natural landscape of the Eastern Central Otago Upland Landscape, and does not achieve sustainable management of the Lammermoor's resources. That is principally because the nationally important positive factors of enabling economic and social welfare by providing a very large quantity of renewable energy are outweighed by the most important adverse consequences," the decision stated.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 


  1. SUCH fantastic news! (Thanks for links Claire.)

  2. Hi Kay - thanks for your permission to include a stanza from your terrific (and challenging) poem. I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses your musings on 'and bottle washer...' Will have to pop in to Twitter more often in order to keep up with you and your writing?! Hope all's well - L, C

  3. And yes, such very good news about the Lammermoors... 'twas good to hear Brain Turner talking to Katherine Ryan about poetry and the landscape on National Radio this morning. x