Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brazen shapes

The #^*<>?~^* stadium's going up at a pace. Each time I pass the site on my way from home to town and back, I feel a sense of outrage and alarm. There's something deeply disconcerting about the defiance of this structure; the way it's brazenly taking shape despite so many folk's impassioned objection to it. Hardly a healthy template for trust and cooperation in community?

As a way of countering the blow of concrete and (disarmingly balletic) cranes, artwork is starting to appear on the kilometre or so of primed wall screen. 

There's something reassuring, energizing and inevitable about this; painting stepping in as both poetry and protest.


  1. all things considered, the stadium pales in comparison to the glass atrium that's going to be built on the town hall. At least the new stadium never stopped a years worth of concerts.

  2. Hi Mickyj300x - Ideally, neither of these misguided projects would proceed. I agree with you about the absurdity of the glass atrium. Our current city council is making rather a long-term mess of things.