Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our camp sits on the edge

of the Taylor Dry Valleys. This is one of the photographs Sam sent following his reconnaissance trip out there a day or two ago. It brought to mind whipped meringue, a snap-frozen storm - full of potential art-wise, but really challenging for diving, specimen collecting and research.  

These are four of Katherine Glenday's exquisite vessels that we'll be playing and recording during the coming season 

and this is one of Christina Bryer's stunning porcelain sculptures. Both Katherine and Christina have used the ice and Sam's foraminifera research as prompts for these pieces. (I'll go into the whys and wherefores of this later.) For now, because time is limited and my 'to do' list is still alarmingly long, just a few pics that introduce some of the things and people accompanying us over the coming weeks... 

Oh, and here's a process pic of my paper boats --- more about these at a later stage, too...


  1. Dear Claire, Katherine, and Christina -- everything arrived at Camp New Harbor in perfect condition. The stage is set ...

  2. Hey Claire
    This is the first time I have ever done a blog. Got you now! xx No time to read the detail today, but my gmail is happening and I have your blog up my sleeve. x

  3. Just checking out how this works .... the ends of the earth reached virtually and technological naviagtions apace. Love to both of you rabbit booted dears.x

  4. Thinking of you guys in the freeze. Its the most beautiful sunny day here and I had a quick swim in the tidal pool, to wash the sea into my hands before they dive into clay.
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hi you two
    I got amazing images via email Claire - but no images or new text on this blog site. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

  6. Dear Kathkin - I've just discovered these messages from you from a week or so ago. I think you must be locked onto this one blog page. Try 'refreshing' the link by either shutting this one down completely and opening it up again (by typing the address in fresh) or push the tab in your toolbar that says 'reload this page.' There have been almost daily entries since this one, so you've got a heap of catching up to do dulling! I will send you an e- when I can, in case you don't get this. L< C XXXXX