Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bear Paws and Bunny Boots

Well, it looks as though we're all set to board the C17 tomorrow morning - bags are packed, votes cast, Circulate (a ginger, ginseng and cayenne potion-in-a-capsule reported to really help with Raynaud's pain - thank you, GE) hunted down and purchased, loved ones hugged, camera batteries charged, Bear Paws gratefully stashed into the backpack, a packet of sour worms stuffed into one of Big Red's inside pockets... 

How good it felt to slip my feet into a pair of size 6 Bunny Boots again. For some reason, these chunky white boots give my feet a sense of purpose and responsibility that other shoes don't come close to. I feel steady in them. Taller. Almost un-tippable. 

I need to be up at 5.00AM tomorrow morning; a shuttle will be at the front door at 5.40. If all goes according to plan, we should be boarding the plane by around 7.45, with take-off soon after that. 5 or so hours later, we should touch down on McMurdo's landing strip.

I'm not sure much sleep will be had tonight - head buzzing 'n all... 

My next entry will be posted from down on the ice. 


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  1. Greetings to Antarctica ... dearest Clara. Thank you for your blog: and your shoes. Wish I was in them, too!

    I want to share a picture or two with you, from the north cold deserts. I need to work out how, and will send them. Big love.P