Sunday, October 26, 2008

Black & white walk

Yesterday's turbulent weather gave way to a sparkling, wind-still day.  I headed out on a solo walk this afternoon - away from McMurdo (Mac Town) towards Scott's store, then up to George T. Vince's memorial cross and along the ridge towards Castle Rock. I recorded the sound of my footprints as I walked past Scott's hut but for some reason blogspot seems reluctant to upload it here. I'll keep trying, though. The MP3 was what I really wanted to post with these few pics today; it's the first of many sounds I intend to record and post here over the season. 

George Vince was the first man to have lost his life in McMurdo Sound. He was one of a party of nine men caught out in a blizzard during an excursion from the Discovery. He slipped down a steep slope and drowned. His body was never recovered. He is commemorated by a wooden cross erected by the crew of the Discovery and maintained today by the NZ & US bases in McMurdo Sound. In his journal, Scott wrote the following about George T. Vince; '... Life was a bright thing to him and it is something to think that death must have come quickly in the grip of that icy sea.' 


  1. It is wonderful to know you are there safe and sound... The flags, the strange machines, the sounds, the blacks on whites. Here it is grey and wet! And noisy. Big love to you from us all...

  2. I'm enjoying your blog, and Sam's. I've made a posting on my blog about your Antarctic adventures and the enigmatic foram that turned up in my book.

    I caught the Post Office exhibition at Salisbury house - I loved your stamps. I indulged myself and brought the little "I promise to be a famous person" sheet. (-:

  3. Hi Vanda - you're a star as ever. Thank you ++ for your wonderful entry on 'Overkill' today. I am a novice at this; there must be some way I can add a link to your site from mine? I'll have to have a scrummage and see if I can work out how to do it. If you have any handy hints of short-cuts, they'd be most welcome! Your blog continues to be brilliant reading. L, C

  4. Hello my dear Sister X Thanks for your company and comments on the blog. I sent a wee message to you via today's posting. The email you sent me before I left Dunedin touched me deeply. I understand what you mean - about intention. WIll write one-on-one when I can. Love you, C X