Tuesday, October 08, 2013

TUESDAY POEM | Metal Rule by CB

Work in progress | Protection series | (Keeping) An Eye on the Landscape (Pencil & ink on paper & fabric)


Line tamer, clearly

my bending unruly trails

you cannot contain.


Fellow Tuesday Poet, Michelle Elvy writes a monthly column for the NY-based online publication Awkword Paper Cut (Founding Editor, writer, musician & filmmaker, Michael Dickes) and this month invited contributions from writer and dancer, Beate Sigriddaughter (New Mexico), writer-musician, Sheldon Lee Compton (Eastern Kentucky) and me (Dunedin, NZ). In her introduction to this piece, Michelle wrote, ". . . As a writer and sailor, I manage what I can and embrace the mystery of not knowing the beginning, middle and end. The balance between these two elements – what I know and what I don’t know – keeps me on an even keel. . . " Please click on the link below to read How Wind, Dance, Song and Colour Mystify and Delight -   


Thank you, Michelle and Michael.


This week's editor on the Tuesday Poem hub is Kathleen Jones with If We Could Speak Like Wolves by Kim Moore - a second airing, which is great for those who did not get to read Kim's poem and Kathleen's accompanying commentary last week. 

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  1. This is wonderful. I love it...and the link.

  2. Hi Kass - happy to know you've been here. Rhythms and dance steps have changed a little around the blogosphere this past while. I wonder how you are. Love to you, Claire.