Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Poem - The Fish by Jane Hirshfield


                                    THE FISH

There is a fish
that stitches
the inner water
and the outer water together.

Bastes them
with its gold body’s flowing.

A heavy thread
follows that transparent river,
secures it –
the broad world we make daily,
daily give ourselves to.

Neither imagined
nor unimagined,
neither winged nor finned,
we walk the luminous seam.
Knot it.
Flow back into the open gills.

This week's Tuesday Poem editor is Elizabeth Welsh with Wellington poet Mary Creswell'Gigabyte  -  

'. . . How much memory can you sell me? I want it all, asleep and awake, at the light
                    touch of a finger. . . '

For Mary's poem and to connect to the work of our many other Tuesday Poets, please click on the quill. 

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