Thursday, March 08, 2012

Flight Time

A community of intricately-carved wooden angels fly close to the ceiling in the entrance-way to my friend Katherine's house in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Katherine's house is home to many angels - these here, and others besides. . .  Are not each and every of us surrounded by these 'custodians of the spirit'? Now more than ever, I like to think so.

For some reason this vid. insists on being here in this teeny-tiny format (not sure why this is).
To view it on a regular scale, I invite you to visit my Vimeo page. 

Thank you, Katherine

And a deep bow of love and respect to women everywhere this International Women's Day.


  1. these are great. Chubby and slow-paced and always at peace.

  2. I have been an angel-believer from my childhood on. These are the real deal! Happy Women's Day to you too Claire; one of the loveliest women I know. xx

  3. ..and thank you for sharing them with us.. a little pause of peace..

  4. My inner child is inspired to put up some birds of prey.

    Happy women's day, Claire.

  5. Stubby was the word that came to me, in no hurry, possibly pajama-clad, roll-up-their-sleeves angels. We can only guess how many 'custodians of the spirit' keep this journey from being a solitary one. Happy International Woman's Day, Claire. xo

  6. What a delight it is to be able to view your posts again Claire. Your present research sounds truly fascinating. I'm reading a novel at the moment called 'The earth hums in B flat' - so do the heavens it seems! I loved Susan Caine's reflections on introversion and solitude too. My daughter has just returned to London after 7 months of travelling, much of it on her own. I am indebted to her guardian angels for bringing her safely home! Thank you too for the poems and beautiful photographs. It's so good to be back! xx