Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Poem - 4.47AM, Venice

(not exactly Venice, but not any other particular place either) Oil on Canvas  |  2014  |  CB

                             4.47AM, VENICE

                             I have my camera ready but
                             cannot photograph the sound
                             of this marble sky cracking.
                             Ribs of lightning slash
                             the dawn's dull green eyes,
                             craze the lazy glaze of night.

                             The city tosses in her sleep;
                             her dreams dent the deep
                             dark water. Behind the splitting
                             stucco ceilings, ancient bearded
                             thunder. Beneath the smoky wing
                             tips of gulls, bells, basilicas
                             and fleet bare feet usher
                             morning in.

                             CB 2004/12

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This week's editor is Susan Landry with Conceptual Art, a prose poem by Holly Iglesias 


  1. What a gorgeous poem, Claire, and how well it goes with the photograph. I've always been moved by the beauty of your language, and the surprises that pierce the heart in your metaphors. I am always deeply delighted to find one of your own works on Tuesday. xo

  2. Quite simply beautiful Claire, as always

  3. Lovely! It makes me want to travel, but then I think it is more about having eyes to see the beauty wherever you find yourself.

  4. Each word so controlled and finding its place in the mouth - I can hear you saying it, Claire. Gorgeous.

  5. " her dreams dent the deep
    dark water."

    A wonderfully visual poem--and great to have you back, Claire. :)

  6. I love the movement in this poem.
    And some of your phrases are quite delicious. 'ancient bearded thunder' I always felt Venice was a very dark place but this brings out a feeling of lively energy as well.Thankyou