Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alluring Aprons

Dear friends

I'm thinking of taking a break from blogging for a while; I'm not sure for how long - a day, a week, a month or more? Neither do I want to put anything (de)finite around this intention. This past year has been a series of. . . how shall I put this. . . paradoxical, vivid and can-all-this-really-be-happening? experiences. Time has stretched into peculiar shapes calling for daily spontaneity and moment-by-moment responses. I've not been able to write any of it out here.  For all its surreality and heartache, Life has also been miraculous, heart-opening, instructive, fortifying, faith-building and so much more. I appreciate the image of the willow tree standing deeply-anchored with its roots in water while the rest of its body dips and flexes, responsive to any and all elements and weather. Seems we are being given one opportunity after another to practice our moves, to refine our dance with ourselves, each other, life.

I'll be working longish hours in the studio these coming few months, absorbed in a rather different and quietly thrilling project; one that's been incubating for some years and that seems to be gently insisting now is the time. . . I'll document the process, of course, but am reluctant to disclose the finished series until brows have been mopped and crinkles smoothed out (both of which could take a while!). Meantime, I'm looking forward to visiting you and your blogs and anticipate finding my voice again in conversation with you on your sites. 

Thank you for your company out here. I value you all heaps. 

Till soon then. . . Salani kahle; stay well. 

Return - Charcoal & pastel on paper - CB


  1. I love that your 'willow' roots are still in African soil - the Zulu farewell greeting. 'Stay well' also suggests your return at some point, which is good. I will really miss your posts - every one of them special and thought-provoking, but wish you well for your spell of intesive work in your studio. Sorry this is rather long....Jane xx

  2. Whoops - typo; 'intensive' not 'intesive.'

  3. Enjoy growing. (Willows grow fast too.)

  4. Appreciate the notice of intent.

    I'm familiar with "the must be painted now", looking forward to seeing your work.

    Take care, I'll be here when you resurface into the public domain.


  5. It helped me immensely to be quiet with myself for a bit. I'm still in a shift - not really sure if I want to dive in again. I'm holding myself close and trying to rest and not push myself too hard. You'll find your space again.
    Sending love.

  6. haunting drawing.

    we do what we must. i will miss you but will be right here when you return.

    much love.

  7. Good on you clarab for listening and hearing and doing what is being asked of you right now. Salani kahle to you too, my sister. Px

  8. Haunting, yes, and to me leaving the viewer a choice about whether the figure is arriving or departing...or a figment.

    For many of us, even without a fresh, strong pull toward the new, the distance from here to wherever 'there' might be seems to grow longer, or the pace slower. We can but make our best choice and no one else can know all that must be weighed. I will miss your words of the moment, and will know you are there and here. With deep heart wishes for your journey. ((((0)))) Love, Marylinn

  9. I hear you, Claire. We must follow what calls! Enjoy. Flux can be a magical thing.
    Be well. We'll be here for you when you return. ;)

  10. We all are always here to support you.

  11. Go well, dear Claire, go deep. And be happy.

  12. Feel free, dear Claire, to help yourself to--you'll decide.


  13. I'll miss your eloquent thoughts. Have a nourishing and nurturing soujourn.