Sunday, July 03, 2011

What do you see?

. . . and what might you make/do/wear with these? 

(Thank you, Susan xo)


  1. They appear to be glass beads, very old glass beads that spent considerable time under less than ideal conditions. Excavated from somewhere, perhaps. One wants to touch them, hold the bunch of them. I expect they are cool in the hand. That is my guess. xo

  2. They remind me of Saskatoon berries. They look delicious although I suspect they are definitely not for consumption.

  3. The ghost-whispers of blueberries faded from sight of milk, sugar, and a blue willow one-handled cup. Of course, there was never a spoon; one scooped the entire joy in the fingers splayed tight to palms so as to catch the last splashing drippings.

  4. Glass beads - old sea,
    cool in the hand.
    Saskatoon berries
    a feast for the eyes
    but not for the mouth.
    Frogs' eggs, anticipating
    tadpoles. Ghost-whispers
    of blue, berries faded
    from sight, quiet
    company for willows
    and a one-handled cup.
    Fingers splayed, open
    palm. Splash. Drip.
    Dreams of a glass fish.

    Thank you, Marylinn, dbs, Susan, Solo and Antares C - C