Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inside this evening's onion

What do you see?


  1. whorls within whorls.

    worlds within worlds.

    i love how attentive you are to life.

  2. a magnified dragonfly face! Or any bug really.
    Your onion looks a bit grumpy.

  3. Hei tiki, yes Pen. When the onion fell open, I recognized one, too. ; )

  4. Dear Angela

    Worlds within whorls

    whorls within worlds

    In every way, we live in an infinite universe. As Roethke wrote '. . . all finite things reveal infinitude. . . '

    Small miracles occur each day; don't you find they seem to shine especially when we're picking through fray? ; ) Love to you, too (I'm excited for you re; your forthcoming trip to NO! Or should that be spelled YES?) xo

  5. Yes, RachvB, a dragonfly's face!

    As for the onion, it softened its expression significantly once it was dropped in a pan with olive oil, rosemary and a knob of butter. . . a pinch of brown sugar added a bit of sweetness! xo

  6. A little olive oil, rosemary and brown sugar would turn any bitter Betty around. I'm coming over for dinner ;)

  7. Lovely the shape, lines, and those subtle colors!

    Fine photo . . .


  8. I see your poor onion crying loudly, mouth wide open (I can see his tonsils) and big tears about to roll down his cheeks...'cos you cut him in half.

  9. Poor thing is crying. Just like I do when I slice it. What an eye you have, Claire. ;)

  10. Is Hei tiki a Maori image, for that is what I thought of.

    I'll just throw this out to you, Claire, and our friends here - are we losing our bearings? It feels as though things have slipped away from what was recently a center, or close to it. Rather than wander I think I'll stay put until someone else happens along. Very untethered this morning, though I may hold our government responsible for most of that. xo

  11. Marylinn,
    I wonder if the tide is pulling us out a bit, but the wonderful thing about the tide is that is always comes back in if we stay close to the shore.
    I'm blaming "the man" for a lot lately. He's being a bit of a bastard.

    Still tethered to the rock with lots and lots of slack.

  12. Sabine - hello, and welcome. . . Isn't Nature's symmetry extraordinary?

    Rach - there's a place ready and waiting at the table. All you have to do is hop, skip & turn up! xo

    Dear Mim - so happy to find you've stepped in here; you have a way of coming as if on soft-stockinged feet, leaving behind a piece of fine lace, a whisper, a echo. I am glad you're back and blogging, too xo

  13. Dear SA Jane - ha, you can see his tonsils!! They're not looking too healthy, are they?! Unabashed hollering is good for all of us from time to time. . . ? I hope all is well with you and your coastline, with more smiles than tears. L, C

  14. Dear Jayne - I imagine if you and I were ever in a kitchen together - or walking through thick forest - we would notice the same sorts of things? It's hard to walk anywhere fast isn't it?! Love to you, C