Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Poem - Précis


                       It must have been a week for citrus
                       zest and candles yellow and green;
                       I see a courtyard there and a lemon
                       tree whose unbound feet turn stones
                       to moss; a random toss of earth
                       incubating delphiniums for summer.  


This week's Tuesday Poems (there are two) are by US poet, Lorine NeideckerSusan Landry is the hub's editor. Please click on the quill for 'a random toss' of poems. . . 


  1. Enjoyed this Claire; and the end words make up a beautiful poem too.

  2. i see all the colors...of course :)

  3. Claire I love the movement of this - from the flickering flames of the candles to the solidity of the incubating earth and the possibilities there... but most of all I love the rhythms of the language ( moss and toss) and the enjambments (turn/to moss).. and the deliciousness of the delphiniums - such a wonderful word, so blue...

  4. I love this little couplet, Claire. And the fact that I now know what (Mary's) "enjambment" means--I took a 3 day poetry workshop last week!

  5. Helen - thanks ; )

    Isabel - hello, and nice to know you like the lemon tree's unbound feet. Taking this phrase literally for a moment, bare feet will be my preference over shoes any day. How about you? In the dry desert landscape you occupy, I imagine you'd want to steep bare feet in cool water often. . . ?

    Thanks, Gordon - worlds within worlds. ; )