Thursday, June 09, 2011

Peculiar Pair

Not exactly The owl and the pussy cat went to sea in a beautiful sea-green boat, but. . . in this pic., Marzipan (the cat) and Moth (his mouse gal) set off on a private adventure to a far-distant archipelago. . .  

M & M are the unlikely prompts for a wee narrative I put together yesterday for Rosa Mira Books. Fellow blogger and e-publisher extraordinaire Penelope Todd is currently featuring tantalizing teasers from the raft of writers whose short stories make up RMB's next - and soon-to-be-released - collection, Slightly Peculiar Love Stories. To find out more about the stories, and to catch another glimpse of Marzepan and Moth, hop over here


  1. This should be wonderful, Claire (and Pen). Can't wait.

  2. Spontaneous reaction:
    Looks like they had a rough boat ride.

    Then I saw that your daughter made them, which changes the story.:)

  3. Ah, and what adorable unlikely prompts. I'm looking forward to this... ;)

  4. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

  5. Melissa, Ant., Jayne & Toyin - oh-oh, I'm behind on our bloggy conversations. I'm looking forward to reading RMB's Slightly Peculiar Love Stories, too; the contributing authors are only just being revealed now, so we're all in for a few surprises!

    Antares Cryptos - these two characters have indeed been for a rough boat ride, but here they are, still prepared to share the same boat!