Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Things

(via Penelope who posted this vid. on Facebook this morning. . . thanks, Pen.)

An exciting new short story collection - Slightly Peculiar Love Stories - is taking shape over at Rosa Mira Books. Penelope will be posting tantalizing teasers from contributing writers in anticipation of the book's launch in early June. First to speak is TP poet, Tim Jones, whose post on RMB begins 'So, I'm a straight Kiwi male who's written a lesbian love story that is appearing in an anthology called Slightly Peculiar Love Stories. And, a week or so ago, I was the only man (as far as I know) taking part in an online book chat about romance. . . '

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  1. Hi Claire,
    You are back in your regular life after what must have been a remarkable trip and conference..... It was so nice to see you here....and very inspirational...xxo Melissa

  2. The video goosebumped, very moving. Not so little...:/

    Did you get a chance to watch the Lemoine vid? I'd love to hear what you think.

  3. Hello Melissa S! I'm almost back in my regular life, yes - though regular seems to be increasingly irregular these days! It was wonderful to see you, too, and to walk your beach with Bogey and Turnip (can you please remind me of the beach's name?). . . I came away from my time with you inspired, too. Thank you. xo (and a pat for your very dear dogs).

  4. A very moving and thought-provoking video. Thanks so much for sharing.We can never have too many reminders about how important it is to preserve all life on our beautiful Planet Earth.