Saturday, December 18, 2010

What do you see? 


  1. Forests of trees in a river, or reflected in a still lake , trees against sky, or lichen on a smooth flat stone. Whatever it's lovely. Thanks, Claire

  2. That makes me feel like a fish under the water looking up.
    I had a photo teacher in college who said "Never be afraid to look up" meaning that sometimes when you get a different perspective on things it makes all the difference.

  3. I see what appears to be a face, mouth quirked, with the eyepiece of a microscope up to her left eye.

    I guess I'm what's under glass, stained and framed between 2 slides.

  4. I love that you see so much in these images, Elisabeth.

    Lichen on a smooth flat stone = a mirror for the stars?

    It's always a pleasure to find you here; thank you.

  5. Dear Rachel-fish
    What's it like looking up and seeing these strange shapes?
    Good advice from your photo teacher. . . it reminds me of a drawing exercise my art teacher set us one week; we were to draw the worm's eye view of sky. I couldn't decide whether it would be terrifying to look upon (if all your life you're in belly-contact with soil) or exhilarating. A bit of both perhaps? Looking up - or down - can alter our take on the world, though, there's no doubt about that.

    Thanks, Rachel.
    L, C

  6. Hi Pamela
    Welcome! I can see a face now, too ; ). Would you mind if (esp. since you're new here) I think of you as the person peering down the microscope rather than as the one stained and framed between two slides? That way you'll hopefully be able to come again!
    Take care - Claire