Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rock face

What do you see? 

(Matukituki Ewe - with her matching profile, how could I resist?)


  1. Santa Claus with a dye job contemplating something - what? Who knows.
    These are fun! There's a rock on a road I would travel sometimes as a kid to come home from my dad's house and he looked like the profile of a man. Someone stuck a big red smoker's pipe where his mouth should be. I liked that rock. It hung over the whole road.

  2. Hi SKIZO - thanks for visiting. I had a look at your blog site, too, and found your imagery fascinating and very distinctive. Congratulations.

  3. Hi T - ah, yes, now that you have seen the hand, I can, too. Thanks ; )

    Rachel - hah, yes! I see him, too. Isn't it interesting how we see different things at different times, depending on what frame of mind we're in? I've seen this rock as a woman with her head thrown back, hollering to the gods in a state of great anguish - and on another occasion, a contented old crone, eyes closed as she tips her forehead back to catch to the sun. I just realized that I've tended to read this stone as female; a bit craggy perhaps, but I kind of like her!

    The rock you describe from your childhood sounds benevolent! Thanks. L, C x

  4. It is interesting how we see things at different states. And yet once you see something it's hard to un-see it. I can only see Santa Claus! This rock looks very male to me - not sure why. But I'd like to think that I will someday see the woman in it. Maybe next week? =)

  5. HI Rachel - I know what you mean. That's one of the advantages of 'borrowing' other people's eyes on things every so often? My father is colour-blind (we always preferred the term 'colour different' or 'colour original' as are my two sons. I mention this because as a little girl, I wished, wished, wished I could swap eyes with my father for a day, just to see the world as he did. I guess that's kind of what we're all doing when we look at the same image and share our different ideas of what and how we see? Masculine, feminine, old, young, hands, faces, Santa, a ewe. . . how wonderful that all these - and more - reside in us/in there! L, C x