Thursday, August 12, 2010

(not) Petrified

I'm taking a 'rest and research' day today and heading up the coast to Moeraki* where my good friend Annette (who lives three hours North of Dunedin) and I will meet to walk this beach

wrap arms around these spectacular boulders.

*Moeraki is a Maori word meaning sleepy sky or sleep by day. South Island legend suggests that these boulders were formed when kumara (sweet potato) brought across the sea on the Arai-te-uru canoe were washed overboard and petrified on the beach.

Ah, down to sand and salt water's edge...


  1. Wow -- amazing rocks! I'd wrap my arms around them too.

    Have a great day, Claire!

  2. Oh my god. I am so glad to see these.
    Rebecca dreaming of the sea. (An hour's drive away! Why haven't I gone???)

  3. i love those boulders! like loaves of bread...
    breathe deeply, have fun!

  4. Oh, I can smell that sweet salt air and am watching the froth of the surf embracing and erasing two sets of footprints, but the rocks! The rocks will remember being held under the warm sleepy sky forever.

    Wonderful, C.


  5. Thank you for your good wishes, everyone! I'll be taking my camera with me and will post pics of our walk tomorrow.

    These boulders are fantastic and (as is Nature's way!) intricately put together - some of them have broken open, spilling their secrets onto the beach. It will be wonderful to see them again. L, C

  6. I have never seen anything like those. Pinatas of the sea. I hope there are great treasures inside!

  7. They are like pinatas of the sea, Rachel --- that's a great description! I took a pic of one with its belly open to the sea... the treasures it reveals are many. I will post it for you this evening!