Saturday, August 14, 2010

Invisible grace

Things are finding their place; a sense of poise returning.

A sideways slip of the pencil
and crossed lives may find
that by some invisible grace
they come to settle
on holy ground... *

The 'smush' that's been me recently has taken off and rolled on down the hill. . . splosh, into the harbour she went. Thank you and fare thee well, I say. Timing-wise, this bodes well. There are seven days between now and the day I turn fifty (I love the word 'turn') and I'm happy to report that my anticipation for this next half-century is mounting.

These are the last of the Moeraki pics for now; rock faces, line drawings, hard-soft edges. That day by the sea was a very great gift.


I have a newfound taste for lightness

albumen moon
mood stone
tone poem

I have a newfound lightness of taste

late wind
white ground
round sound


*lines from the poem Consider - CB 2007


... to give you some idea of the size of these boulders, here's a pic of Annette & I embracing one.


  1. Thanks, Dinahmow. I like the way that sounds - and the other way round... telling yet spare.

    Pen - yes, so be it. And all is well. L, C

  2. 'A new found lightness of taste' in all these images, Claire, and in your beautiful words. Thanks.

    I can see why you might feel uplifted on the eve of 'turning' fifty. All that opportunity for making art ahead.

  3. It will be a decade of unimaginable grace, I know it in my gypsy soul.

    L, M

  4. Did the rock sages speak favor over you and your approaching turn? It would be impossible, I imagine, to return from them without greater knowledge. Reclaiming our light, our lightness, part of the grace which has been foreseen for you.

  5. Elisabeth, you are gracious as ever. It is inspiring to have women such as yourself and others in this community who have already made this crossing and whom I witness as fully engaged with the glorious and oft-times puzzling dance that life is... thank you. L, C

  6. Dear Sparrow - bless your gypsy soul for all it sees and knows. L, C

  7. Dear Marylinn - the rock sages? I love that... Yes, they spoke. And continue to speak. I'm afraid I continue to rise and fall, though - to rise and fall. Despite my returning poise, my days could still be graphed to show elation to 'splat' and back... Ah, these constant, inconstant days! Like you (as I understand what seems to be your parallel journey), I'm learning to trust that there's bedrock beneath the shifting sands. We are so very susceptible to weather and I wish to look more kindly and lovingly on that. Sending fine, high notes your way. Claire