Tuesday, March 09, 2010

for Radish King

- in response to your dream.

"Last night I dreamed of a huge room full of very young Asian girls, 3 or 4 years old, hundreds of them, all in blue dresses, and they were playing violins and these jellyfish beings floated out of their violins and flowed toward me and the air was blue... "

Clione limacina

These sea angels are found at both poles and - on rare
and wondrous occasions - can be seen floating out of violins...

(Pics posted here because I don't think there's any way to upload photographs to a comments boxxx)


  1. So beautiful, Claire. Thank you.

  2. Oh! Oh! It's almost as if there was a camera attached to RK's dream....

  3. T, it gave me goosebumps. The good kind! And it's the exact color blue.

  4. Dear Radish, T. Clear

    From time to time, our collective unconscious lets us know we all dip into the same wellspring, swim in the same blue sea?

    L, C x

  5. I dipped into the collective pool post this post. I dreamt that a tiny blue fish was sitting on my hand peering into the dark outside my balcony door and I was telling it was OK for it to go. Woke up, alas. Thank you for sending me the blue fish - I can still see its tail curled across my hand.

  6. I love radish king's blog - this is a lovely tribute!

  7. wow, what a great little bit of mystery....appreciate it as our new england spring begins...

  8. Hi nursemyra - I agree with you about Rebecca's blog; it's a wonderful alchemical place.

  9. Hi Sally - great to see you've been back. Thank you - and for linking up on FB, too. I wonder how things are going for you with your new book? Sending you good thoughts - C