Sunday, March 14, 2010

A (necessary) tangle

I've been in a dreadful tizz and am not sure yet what to say or do about it. The ground beneath my blogging feet has shifted in the last twenty-four hours. What once felt firm now feels unstable.

For various reasons - not least, a stomach-twisting anxiety - it seemed prudent for me to temporarily withdraw my last post while I reflect on a few things. Forgive me for doing this - I'll be back soon with a more considered version of the same post.

Meantime, I have a bit of wrangling and untangling to do. Ah me.

Take care


  1. We can't have you tizzing!

    Does anti-tizz come in a little pump bottle like anti-frizz?

  2. Roethke has always been a comfort to me in times of anxiety. (Especially Straw for the Fire) Hope you're back in a tizz-free state of mind soon!

  3. I love Vanda Symon’s comment! Life has its curly moments, then it straightens out – always does. Take care.

  4. Hi Clarab, your last post is off, but the image of the sunny flower remains - and your utter generosity as encapsulated in the message. Thankyou my friend. Px.
    p.s. My word verifcation for today is pafbed. It sounds very inviting for the tired (moi)and the tizzed.

  5. Dear Vanda - thanks for making me laugh. For a moment, I forgot how to. Not a good sign!

    I would love a pump bottle with anti-tizz; might I interest you in a commission? (Ask a busy woman... ?).

    Hormonal commotion is the darndest thing, believe me! One minute it's all sunshine and roses, the next, thunder and hail.

    Hope your house move is going smoothly? L, Cx

  6. Hi T. Clear - lovely to find you on FB a day or two ago, thank you!

    Funny you should mention Roethke's "Straw for the Fire." The book lives on my bedside table so that I can reach out at any time and pull him/it into bed with me ... I agree with you - he's such an insightful poet; and when one needs it, he can be as comforting as a favourite pillow.

  7. Hello, lmrb - life sure can have its curly moments! Sproing, sproing. And yes, in time, things settle down and straighten out... thank the heavens, or some of us might end up complete nutters.

    Have you read Michael Leunig's "Curly Pyjama Letters?"

    Your words are balm, thank you.

  8. PamelaMM - thank you for this soft-edged image of a pafbed. I'd love one of those! It sounds like something between a pavlova and a hammock; soft and comforting; more air than egg white, more lap than knotted string.

    Whew. Thanks for understanding and being so close at hand xx

  9. Been there, done that. Hugs to you. xx

    But I believe it is worth taking risks, even if it means you make a mistake now and then. If we were all too afraid to go out on a limb, great things would never get done. (There are lots of famous quotes on this exact subject!)

  10. Wise words, PC - thanks.

    They remind me of these, by Leunig -

    "Stare into a bucket of water until your reflection appears/then gently pour the reflection out onto the ground/soon it will evaporate/and become a cloud./Then it will rain/and you will become part of the great cycle of refreshment and growth."

    Hugs to you, too - C x

  11. Michael Leunig was made an Australian Living Treasure by the National Trust about 10 years ago, and quite right too. I love his work. I get it, over and over, and it's new each time.

  12. Hi lmrb - how perfect that Michael Leunig has been made a National Living Treasure! Like you, I never tire of his writing, find something new with each reading. I love this short/long prayer -

    "God help us to live slowly:
    To move simply:
    To look softly:
    To allow emptiness:
    To let the heart create for us."

    Love to you, C