Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Washed up

yelp |yelp|
a short sharp cry, esp. of pain or alarm she uttered a yelp as she bumped into a table.*

kelp |kelp|
a large brown seaweed that typically has a long, tough stalk with a broad frond divided into strips. Some kinds grow to a very large size and form underwater “forests” that support a large population of animals. 

* I've been 'bumping into tables' lately. 
Ouch. Sometimes it helps to stand on the sand and yelp to kelp.   


  1. This is one dramatic plant. Is it edible?

  2. That kelp resembles spinach fettuccine. (Guess it's time I made dinner!)

  3. Hi Mim - not sure about this variety, but I imagine it would be edible, yes.

    Kelp is a marvelous plant family; over here, bladder kelp has been used for years as a preservation chamber for fish and muttonbirds... it - the kelp - is tough as leather. You can stitch pieces together and carry the resultant pouch around like a backpack! I wonder if you've heard of muttonbirds? They are NZ sooty shearwaters. More beautiful on the wing than in the mouth, I think, but a delicacy/necessity for some... The frilly green kelp from a week or two ago will have been good food for many a Dunedin garden.

    Do you find much kelp washed up on South Beach?

  4. HI T. Clear - I delight in your appreciation of things foodie!

    A (very) large platter of kelp fettucine would surely please the gods and goddesses!

    (What did you end up making for dinner?)

  5. lmrb - wonderful, thank you!

    Your comment sent me off on a Google Tangent - how many different 'kelpies' there are out there, from Australian sheepdogs to supernatural water horses (def. ones to be wary of) and even beer...

    The mythological creature has my ears pricked.

  6. fabulous photo! kelp is always arresting in piles and strands on the beach - like strands of whale flesh or some other water beast ...

  7. Hi Mary - I agree, I agree. One of these days I will post another batch of kelp pics from that same day... I got a bit caught up in it. It's so primordial and mythical, isn't it? In all honesty, I have a slightly mixed attitude towards kelp - on the one hand, it lures me in. On the other, I know it could easily pull me under. One minute I want to touch it, smell it, roll around in it, swim with it, and the next, find I have goosebumps, the sharp shudder of fear...

    Ah, the joys of paradox!