Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ascend - descend - transcend

CB - from Hidden Depths series - Oil & liquin on paper, 2010  (detail)

The drawings and paintings I'm working on at the moment are explorations of perception and memory; contemplations on the ephemeral-yet-enduring nature of it all. Do we need to descend in order to ascend and - ultimately - transcend? 


"Men are admitted into Heaven not because they have curbed or governed their passions, or have no passions, but because they have cultivated their understandings" wrote William Blake 


  1. depths and flight - layers and waves. Beautiful.

  2. Lovely and strong. Movement. The yellows especially.

  3. Claire, this is stunning. The colors!

  4. claire - amazing light and shadow and flow. have recently been struck again just how valuable it is to recognise and embrace polar opposites in life paradoxes - ephemeral and enduring; descending / ascesion; light and shadow

  5. Kay, Mim, T. Clear, Steve - thank you for these affirmations. The space beneath water (and especially beneath ice) has a clarity and ambiguity that is extraordinary. Sometimes, it's so clear it's difficult to believe there's any tangible substance/medium there at all - divers and drifting creatures appear to float on air. It's a liminal space, really, on the edge of dreaming and waking. A space to get both lost and found in.

    These paintings are part of a larger body of work I'll be engaged with all year. There'll be a short film or two to accompany the 2D images. Silent, probably. And circular in the way meditation pieces tend to be?

  6. I keep looking at them. I'm not done looking at them because they're different each time I look which means there is something there for me. Beautiful by the way but more than that. Hopeful maybe.

  7. A hopeful flotilla - a flotilla of hope.

    Thank you for this, Radish.

    This sequence of images wants to say something about the place of the individual within the collective and vice versa, so it's a treat to hear you say you keep looking at them - I like the idea of paintings as company; places we can return to for stimulation, meditation, silence, conversation...