Monday, October 19, 2009

There is a place

There is a place 
between uphill
and down, on the edge 
of dread
and dance. 

Don't be fooled. 

There are many ways 
to make things 
and people appear
and disappear
truths we cannot know
of the curious shape 
of hills, the fading 
yellow light.

There is, it seems
an uncertain time 
of day when the sea 
is in the sky
and the moon 
can be heard listening 
in the belly
of the local stone. 

CB 2007

The Muse (Re)turns - charcoal & conte on paper, CB 2009


  1. A beautiful, beautiful poem Claire. (Causes an intake of breath.)

  2. Thank you, Kay - poems are slow-forming at the moment, not unlike yeast bread rising in its own time in the corner of the kitchen.

    How is your writing going now that you're back from Japan - and Queenstown? I imagine you're full-to-overflowing... Hope to see you at the final Burns reading (on Sunday, is it? I'd better check the email again!) L, C