Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Samoa - collection point in Dunedin

Here’s a small way in which we can help.  A group of  Samoan students at Otago Uni have offered their flat as a collection point for goods to be sent to Samoa. Light clothing (for hot temps), sheets, towels, pots, utensils, plates, etc... would be much appreciated. 

Pacific Blue is flying whatever is given to Samoa free of charge; once in Samoa, it will be distributed by the Red Cross. 
If you have anything that you are able to pass on to this community, please drop it off at 33 Hyde St, Dunedin - the earlier, the better as the plane is scheduled to fly at the end of this week (16th). 

Thanks +++. 


  1. Ah, just shedding a tear or two, Claire, over your last few postings (head full of jet-lagging today): perfect reverberations, perfect questions, and remembering our two As playing together...
    Is it too late now for the Samoan flight, I wonder?

  2. Hi Pen - I have something endearing to show you; a moment from our two A's shared childhood. Will email it to you this morning. And hopefully see you later today? It's not too late for the Samoan flight, I don't think - def. worth a visit to Hyde St to find out. (I think today was the final collection day, not the flight date.). Welcome home, dear friend xx

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