Monday, September 21, 2009


Spring is well and truly here; the morning light is eyeing the studio from a different angle. The studio's showing signs of approval. These trees are on the verge of green (they're the same trio that dropped leaves into my autumn frame some months ago.) The cycles keep cycling. 'Tis good, yes?

Yes. 'Tis good.

Speaking of cycles... I'm thinking of getting one.


  1. Cycles? I had the selfsame thought this morning. I've so enjoyed wheeling around the sandy streets and beach of Valeria del Mar. The whole body's involved. Dogs and men are intrigued. Way to go.
    Mmm, trees on the verge of verde... xox P

  2. Winter can be too cold and summer can be too hot, but ah - spring. Lovely.

    Funny but I had that thought this week to get a bike too.

  3. Hello Pen & PC - cycles, yes. All types at this stage and age... What fun to find you've been thinking in the direction of (bi)cycles, too. (Alemap's been having 'the selfsame thought.). Aside from the fun factor, perhaps we're all picking up the message... ?

    Yes, PC - Autumn and Spring, they're The Bon.' (in the language of my daughter.)

    Verde is one of my favourite words, Pen.

    Terre Verte - my favourite green. XX